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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Friends.

i miss the old time with all of you... 
seriously, its make me smile alone and happy when i remind to the memories :)
but why our friendships turn to be like this ?
i don't understand why but i'm really want to know why .
or should i pretend that i don't know what was happened ?
hmm, honestly, i know. sorry for keep at arm's length from you.
i have too for the sake of us.
million of apologizes my friends !
the only thing that i can do now,
 is look at our picture spend time together before.
i always do it my dearest friends. i know that i can't recall the time.
but for sure is i can recall the memories that we have been happy together :)

pdans : dear ka, i like you from the first time you told me about something that nobody know. but i don't know how to show it. plus i don't like to show it. thank you :)

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